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Public Site Maintenance - We're back up at 100%!

Indigo Prime 2005

You might have noticed that our public site was down for a brief period. Many apologies from us but we took it down to ensure we properly dealt with a incident during our migration last month. Commercial users shouldn't have noticed any impact on their service, but to maintain this for our paying customers we had to pull down our services for 'Free' customers and the public portion of our site. A big sorry from us guys, especially as this is the first time we've taken this action since 1996, but the good news is that we're now back to 100% operation again.

Welcome to Indigo Prime! All users now have access to HALO for FREE!

Indigo Prime 2005

Since 1996 when we were founded, technology may have advanced, but we still remain at the cutting edge. That's why we decided at the start of this year to provide access to HALO for all our clients and users. HALO gives you direct access to our consultants and support personnel through our own communications system. Previously we have only been able to provide this service to commercial customers, but our experts have now designed a new critical interface that opens the service up to non-paying customers. The benefits are truly amazing and we are seriously excited that we can now offer this service pro-bono, driving forward our founding principles of "Ethical and Honorable" business.

HALO will give you:
  • Fast, direct access to the right expert
  • A history of all your support requests
  • Your own company or personal dedicated area for support, testing or simply just to contact our experts for advice.
  • Access to information where ever you are and whatever technology you use to access the web - from Smart Phone to Desktop.

HALO is fully integrated into My Indigo and can be accessed either through your account or directly through the Help section of our site. If you don't have an account yet, you can. register for the My Indigo account for free, it's simple and only takes a few seconds.

However, you don't need a My Indigo account to access HALO. You can simply use any of the forms on our website to get support and our experts help. You will then be sent a HALO ticket number which you can use, together with your email address, to login to a cut-down version of HALO. Further, if at a later date you decide to get your own My Indigo account, you won't lose the history of your past contacts and replies - you'll still get full access to HALO and in addition, all your past request will be added to your account.

But why wait? Get a FREE My Indigo Account with FREE full access to HALO today!

Register for My Indigo

Backup your Home or Business PC with the Cube!

Indigo Cube

Have you ever thought what would happen if you lost all the files on your PC or laptop? Imagine if one day they were just gone forever. Unthinkable, right? Well believe it or not, this happens regularly. So we came up with a simple solution. The Cube.

Backup your PC, laptop, PDA or phone with this plug and play system. Unlike local backup software the Cube will protect your system even if your PC is physically damaged and cannot boot up! What's more all you need to do is plug the Cube into the USB socket of your PC or laptop and your system will be backed up automatically onto the Cube! All your files are then ready to be restored to your PC at the click of a button, or transferred onto your next PC when you need to get a new system.

More About Indigo Cube

Go Wireless !


Affordable Secure Wireless Networks and Wireless Backup Systems for your business.

The benefits are massive so why not find out why you should be going wireless. . . .

Indigo Prime Wireless

What We Can Do For You

Indigo Prime Business

We offer the following services and software:

  • Full Backup & Recovery solutions (Symbiotic Hardware & Software Systems) for Your Business
  • Wireless Networks and Backup Systems
  • OTS and Bespoke Data Management Systems and Databases
  • Data Recovery Services from Deleted Data to Corrupted Unreadable Hard Drives
  • Indigo Trinity Suite, Indigo Backup & Indigo Grid Corporate Backup Systems
Indigo Prime Business

Test Drive the NEW Indigo Trinity Software Suite - Today!!!

Indigo Backup v.5

Indigo Backup Version 5.0.0 is here! With the new Ninja X-Fire backup algorithm and full wireless network compatibility, it is at the cutting edge! So why not take it for a test drive? To download the suite or for more information visit our software pages. Indigo Trinity Backup is the latest in our line of software backup and recovery packages. The Trinity suite represents a quantum jump from Indigo Backup v.4.x and Indigo Grid v.1.x by combining the power of both with the new Ninja X-Fire Backup algorithm.


More about Indigo Trinity

Who We Are

Indigo Prime 2005

Indigo Prime was set up in 1996 and deals in data recovery and backup, as well as other bespoke data management systems (such as databases and distributed client/server systems).

Our corporate software is trusted by thousands of users in both the public and private sectors. From a Ministry of Defence scientific establishment to a small private consultancy. From the hostile environment of one of the largest research and development in-field ranges to the vast data management needs of one of the largest logistics businesses. From the UK's largest R&D consultancy to a average sized private home. In all these environments our software and systems are trusted to perform first time, everytime.

Our consultants have experience in a wide range of disiplines. They are there to help, so isn't it time you found out how we can help you?

About Us

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